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Mental retardation sexual abuse watch online

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Throughout history, disabled people have been a special vulnerable group to maltreatment practices. Recently, Ocansey and Gyimah have highlighted the specific characteristics of children with intellectual disabilities including learning disabilities that may place them at increased risk for sexual abuse. Cases of sexual assault are arbitrated differently according to individual state laws and statutes. Unlike the IQ test, which is given in one setting, this evaluation may require several observations and several examiners to compile a composite of the individual's functioning. Mental Retardation Sexual Abuse.
Mental retardation sexual abuse

Sexual abuse and intellectual disability Jump to The Act includes specific crimes against adults with intellectual disabilities or mental health conditions: sexual abuse of vulnerable persons with a mental disorder. These include situations where: "People With Mental Retardation & Sexual Abuse" by Leigh Ann Davis. Aug 18,  · Sexual abuse includes a wide range of sexual activities that are forced upon someone. People with mental retardation are often unable to choose to stop abuse due to a lack of understanding of what is happening during abuse, the extreme pressure to acquiesce out of fear, a need of acceptance from the abuser or having a dependent relationship with the abuser. This fact sheet uses a question-and-answer format to summarize information on the sexual abuse of people with mental retardation. Questions and answers address the following topics: what sexual abuse is; the incidence of sexual abuse of people with mental retardation; why sexual abuse is .

Mental retardation sexual abuse
Mental retardation sexual abuse

The primary care physician has a vital role in documenting and preventing sexual abuse among the mentally retarded populations in our community. Since the current national trend is to integrate citizens with mental retardation into the community away from institutionalized care, it is essential that all physicians have a basic understanding of the mental retardation sexual abuse medical and legal ramifications of their clinical diagnoses. As the legal arena is currently revising laws concerning rights of sexual consent among the mentally retarded, it is essential mental retardation sexual abuse determinations of mental competency follow national standards in order to delineate clearly any instance of sexual abuse. Clinical documentation of sexual abuse and sexually transmitted disease is an important part of a routine examination since many such individuals are indeed sexually active. Legal codes adjudicating sexual abuse cases of the mentally retarded often offer scant protection and vague terminology.

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Mental retardation sexual abuse
Mental retardation sexual abuse
Mental retardation sexual abuse

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Mental retardation sexual abuse